«Hoi» and a very warm welcome!

The Principality of Liechtenstein lies in the middle of Europe, situated between
Switzerland and Austria, snow-covered mountains and sunny valleys.

Our country may not be that big, but the diversity of the services we offer certainly is.
This internet portal is designed to help you find the information you are looking
for - or to simply give you the chance to learn more about our country!

Not only will you find information and contact details for our government offices,
but you can also read about Liechtenstein's traditions, quality of life, hospitality and
culture as well as the country's banking and financial services, economy,
academic research and tourism.

To find out even more why not come and visit us 'offline'?
We look forward to welcoming you to Liechtenstein!

Liechtenstein in brief:

Area: 160.5 km² | Capital: Vaduz | Municipalities | Inhabitants: 36,838
Currency: Swiss franc | Neighbouring countries: Switzerland, Austria
Official language: German | Time zone: CET | National Day: 15 August
System of State: constitutional hereditary monarchy on a democratic and parliamentary basis | Head of State: Prince Hans-Adam II of Liechtenstein
Head of Government: Prime Minister Adrian Hasler | Members of the Government: Deputy Prime Minister Thomas Zwiefelhofer, Marlies Amann-Marxer, Mauro Pedrazzini, Aurelia Frick | Government | Diplomatic Representations | Parliament