Liechtenstein Olympic Sports Federation

The Liechtenstein Olympic Sports Federation (Liechtensteinisch Olympic Committe, LOC ), as the umbrella organization of the associations and clubs, is the direct contact point for all questions relating to sports. The LOC supports and advises the organizations in their activities and developments on behalf of sports in Liechtenstein, as long as they correspond to the principles of sports ethics (for environment and fairness, against doping, discrimination, etc.).

The Liechtenstein Olympic Sports Federation is responsible for the following areas of sports (in alphabetical order):

  • Education
  • Elite sports
  • Olympic affairs
  • Popular sports
  • Services

In all of its activities, the LOC complies with the internationally applicable agreements concerning doping and fairness. It takes the demographic circumstances of the country into account and protects the environment and nature. Representing the interests of the associations and clubs, it continually strives for constructive cooperation with the Sports Commission. Its Sports Office is an integral part of these efforts.

The LOC secures the financial resources for special tasks such as sending delegations to the Olympics or the elite sports program, without affecting the financial policies of the associations and clubs. It also acts as a contact point for anyone interested in sports and aims to bring sports closer to all segments of the country's population.