The influence of nearby countries has given Liechtenstein an extraordinarily opulent and diverse cuisine. In Liechtenstein, you will enjoy a high-quality and international selection of dishes. Both gourmet restaurants and cozy local hangouts offer numerous specialties.

Typical Liechtenstein dishes: cheese knöpfle (dumplings), ribel grain, brawn,
The number of restaurants with Gault-Millau points, Michelin stars and chef's hats is also astonishingly high.


Restaurants in Liechtenstein


Wine culture is written large in Liechtenstein. There are over 100 wine growers, four of whom are professional vintners. Fine princely wines lure you to the Hofkellerei. The wines cultivated in the private vineyards of the Prince of Liechtenstein are available for tastings and purchase.

Vineyards in Liechtenstein